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internet, FINALLY... but at what cost O.O? (an exciting story of near-death and redemption)

After about 8 months of internetlessness, I've finally got internet again <3. Like, internet I can use on my computer whenever I want. HOORAY ^o^! I wondered if this moment would ever come again XD;.

I found a way to plug my smartphone into my computer via USB and be able to connect my computer to the internet through my cellphone's internet connection <3. I don't completely understand how it works, but I only had to pay $10 for an app on my cellphone which makes that happen.

I've got an unlimited data plan on my cellphone, which charges me up to about 6,000 yen and anything over that is considered free... so, yeah, I really abused my smart phone's connection last month: downloading music off of iTunes I was yearning for, Skyping my family constantly, watching youtube to my heart's content, etc...

...and when I received my cellphone bill this month, it was 5,970 yen. Yay <3. But I checked the breakdown of charges on my bill, and got a BIG SHOCK O.O;.

There was a charge of 2,819,933 yen. Two-million-eight-hundred-nineteen-thousand-nine-hundred-thirty-three yen. Holy mother effing fuck. That's like $35,000. Of course, promptly after that charge, there was a deduction of 2,819,933 yen, due to me having a flat-rate plan for my internet data.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS... always have a freaking flat-rate plan in Japan. Just in case, for the love of god. I know I used my internet a lot last month, but not to the tune of $35,000. Japan is hecka expensive, especially about certain things. And super especially about overcharging for cellphone data services XD;.
Tags: danger danger, internet, near fail, wtf

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