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New job!

When I last posted here on LJ, I was in the midst of deciding whether to change jobs or not.

And I have! Months into my new job as an assistant English teacher (ALT), and things are going better that I could have (or would have) hoped. I've got more free time than I know what to do with, which is pretty surreal, as I spent the last few years at my previous job working myself into oblivion. In my new job, sometimes I unexpectedly get a day off, and I always feel like I'm almost doing something wrong, sitting around doing whatever I wish and still getting paid.

Usually I'm an ALT at a high school here in Yokohama 4 out of the 5 work days, but on Tuesdays, I'm a substitute teacher. I can be sent anywhere in my prefecture for sub work. The furthest I traveled was an hour and a half, but commute times have varied widely so far. It's cool to see all sorts of different schools, but when I'm sent to elementary schools, it's a bit rough sometimes ^^;;;. I got called an old lady, have been asked if I was pregnant, and got called "jumbo" on a few occasions by the little darlings. Being called fat is whatever, since I know I'll never be as willowy as most Japanese women, but being called old is sad XD. Regardless of the little demon kids, I still like the sub position. If there's no place they need me to sub at, I just get the day off (or rather, I'm "on call" without having to go in). Having little preparation time for such random assignments week to week is tough sometimes, but it's just one day of the week that's a possibility.

Recently, I'm thinking about starting some sort of new hobby, since I've got so much free time now. I already started doing something kind of weird (I dunno if you can say it's a hobby)-- doing nail art on my nails. The students always compliment it, so I like coming up with some new design every week XD.

Overall, I'm a lot more relaxed than I used to be. It's nice to reclaim a sort of social life, which I felt I was lacking at my previous job. Also, my new apartment is so great compared to my old place, so now that I have lots of free time, I actually have somewhere comforting to spend that time ^^. It might be too soon to say things are wonderfully fantastic or whatever, but at the moment, I definitely feel glad I made the leap to change things up.



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Oct. 15th, 2013 04:50 pm (UTC)
That sounds really nice! I'm happy that your new job is better and that you have a nicer appartment and more free time :3 We should email more often haha..an meet up next year when Sonja and I will visit Japan again :3
Oct. 16th, 2013 07:33 am (UTC)
Thank you ^^! Let's e-mail more, definitely... I was kind of losing my mind with stress for a few consecutive years in a row before XD;.

Let me know if you guys need a place to stay! I like having guests XD.
Oct. 27th, 2013 03:46 pm (UTC)
Yes, we gotta do that! My life is a bit less busy now too, since all conventions have passed until next May :> (Sewing was so stressfull this year) Thanks for the offer, too! I will let Sonja know.
Oct. 16th, 2013 12:43 pm (UTC)
M-swaaaaaan~! I miss you soooooo~!
I'm so happy things are going better for you! You were working way too hard. I miss you and I worried about you and I'm so glad you are happy now. :3
You should do a blog with pictures of your nail art! Apparently it's all the rage on Tumblr.
Since you have free time, have you gotten back into watching anime?
Oct. 24th, 2013 06:59 am (UTC)
Thank you Chibi ^o^! Are you still working as hard as ever? I want you to be more relaxed too <3.

Tumblr… I've heard of it, but I haven't really used it ^^;. Is it like LJ at all, or completely different? Maybe I'll post some of my nail art pics here instead, since LJ is my home territory XD. That's what LJ tags are for after all, forget hash tags.
Oct. 26th, 2013 05:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm still geting my butt handed to me at the book factory. Although, these past few weeks have been the slowest in the past few years. I worked all of two days this week. ^^b Before long, we"ll be back to the heavy workloads and they'll have us going twelve days between weekends again. -_-;; This year has been very hard on me so far. I'm hoping it will be over soon and next year will be better!

Tumblr is a lot like LJ in how it's a blogging site. However, Tumblr is more of a minimalist kinda deal. You can doctor up your actual Tumblr page, but your Dashboard, where you read the posts of who you follow (Tumblr equivilant of your Flist page) is very bare-bones basic. The site is aimed more toward visual media, like pics and .gif's and embeded videos, than just text. But that doesn't mean you can't just use text posts (lol like me). Where LJ was more about fan-fic, Tumblr is more about fan-art. (Fan-fic seems to have migrated away from LJ to http://archiveofourown.org , AO3 for short, which is like a bigger, much more badass version of FF.net. It's AMAZING and I love it so much. I'm here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/chibimono :D)

The Tumblr feature with the most appeal for people is the ability to "reblog". If you like something someone posted, you can reblog it so it shows up on your Tumblr, and then everyone that follows you will see it on their Dashboards, and they can reblog it from you if they want to. (I currently reblog anything that shows up on my Dashboard with Captain America or Iron Man, and occasionally things from the movie Pacific Rim.) The site keeps track of every time someone has clicked the Like button for your entries and every time someone has reblogged your entries (and if you were the originial poster for the entry, it keeps track if they've Liked or reblogged it from someone else). They also have a tagging system like LJ, where you can use tags to mark the entries and everyone can look those entries up with those tags. But you can also use those same tags to pull up entries all across Tumblr, and set Tumblr to track those tags so you can find any new posts that pop up with them. (Like you can use the tag "SteveTony" to pull up all my entries about that OTP on my Tumblr, or you can use that tag to search for all the Tumblr entries with the "Steve/Tony" tag. It's a good way to search for more things to reblog.) There is also a very nice ability to queue your posts/reblogs for certain times a day, or save them as drafts. And you can have more than one Tumblr listed under your account, so you only have to be logged in once (which is nice for the RPing crowds and people that like to have seperate blogs for fandom and personal things.) And people can send you messages that you can reply to privately, or you can reply to them and have it posted on your Tumblr page.

You can look at my Tumblr if you like: http://littlethingofevil.tumblr.com

The biggest problem with Tumblr, though, is the insane amount of overwhelming stimulation. Depending on how many people you follow, you could scroll your Dash for hours to catch up with everything everyone has posted. There is a lot of repetition of posts if you follow a lot of people that follow each other or if your fandoms are huge. If you follow people that participate in more than one fandom, you get treated to all those other fandoms, too (I'm in it for the Avengers/Marvel movies universe, but I get a lot of Supernatural fandom, Sherlock fandom, Hobbit/LotR fandom, Teen Wolf fandom, and Pacific Rim fandom popping up on my Dash.) It is entirely possible to get sucked in for hours just browsing your Dashboard :/

I spend a lot of time on Tumblr and Twitter (my LJ actually rounds up a daily digest of my Tweets and posts them automatically). And reading fic on AO3, too. I used to use LJ to keep track of writing goals for myself, but the past 6+ months have been very rough for me and my creativity, so I've stopped tracking. I don't follow my LJ flist anymore, but I have my favorite people monitored with RSS feeds, so if they post unlocked entries, they pop up in my feed. :D That's how I saw you posted.
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