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New job!

When I last posted here on LJ, I was in the midst of deciding whether to change jobs or not.

And I have! Months into my new job as an assistant English teacher (ALT), and things are going better that I could have (or would have) hoped. I've got more free time than I know what to do with, which is pretty surreal, as I spent the last few years at my previous job working myself into oblivion. In my new job, sometimes I unexpectedly get a day off, and I always feel like I'm almost doing something wrong, sitting around doing whatever I wish and still getting paid.

Usually I'm an ALT at a high school here in Yokohama 4 out of the 5 work days, but on Tuesdays, I'm a substitute teacher. I can be sent anywhere in my prefecture for sub work. The furthest I traveled was an hour and a half, but commute times have varied widely so far. It's cool to see all sorts of different schools, but when I'm sent to elementary schools, it's a bit rough sometimes ^^;;;. I got called an old lady, have been asked if I was pregnant, and got called "jumbo" on a few occasions by the little darlings. Being called fat is whatever, since I know I'll never be as willowy as most Japanese women, but being called old is sad XD. Regardless of the little demon kids, I still like the sub position. If there's no place they need me to sub at, I just get the day off (or rather, I'm "on call" without having to go in). Having little preparation time for such random assignments week to week is tough sometimes, but it's just one day of the week that's a possibility.

Recently, I'm thinking about starting some sort of new hobby, since I've got so much free time now. I already started doing something kind of weird (I dunno if you can say it's a hobby)-- doing nail art on my nails. The students always compliment it, so I like coming up with some new design every week XD.

Overall, I'm a lot more relaxed than I used to be. It's nice to reclaim a sort of social life, which I felt I was lacking at my previous job. Also, my new apartment is so great compared to my old place, so now that I have lots of free time, I actually have somewhere comforting to spend that time ^^. It might be too soon to say things are wonderfully fantastic or whatever, but at the moment, I definitely feel glad I made the leap to change things up.
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