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I have been sick my entire spring break. I about DIED when I went to Kansas City with Noa! *falls to the ground in a melodramatic pose* Ok, I might not have been near death. But lots of cough drops were consumed, and I think I killed about 50 trees with the insane amount of tissues that fell prey to my nose. Oh well, there were a bunch of cute asian guys at the Plaza in KC, so it was worth it to drag my sorry carcass up there ^^. And the art museum was interesting (although I was in a prescription-drug induced daze when we were wandering through it).

I have a paper due Monday. I haven't even started yet, and it is Friday night. And I almost know for a fact that I won't even start it until Sunday evening, at 10 o'clock, because I am a slacker. But I decided my topic will most likely immigration, and how the Amnesty (sp?) Act that George Bush wants to pass is a bad, bad idea. If this act gets passed, I'm going to go with the theory that George Bush is a monkey in a robotic mansuit. Or even worse, Al Gore in a George Bush suit.

I shall quit ranting about politicy things, since I don't really care that much. I'll make a getaway to Japan if things get too out of hand here in the US ^^. Now that's a good plan.

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