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The fic of wonderment, woo!

Lol, don't read this if you do not like yaoi. There are some definite boy love themes here. Nothing too horrible, but Stallion, I'm forbidding you from reading this ^^.

Disclaimer: I've barely watched any Prince of Tennis, so I don't even know who it belongs to. The point is, it doesn't belong to me, or else there'd be a lot more gratuitous naughtiness. Yes, especially in inappropriate places. Nothing is sacred!

Title: A Tale of Men, Mice, and Exhibitionism
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: R
#9 - Cat and mice for 30_cracks
Warnings: If you like the restaraunt Chuck E. Cheese's, you may be scarred.
chibimono’s line: "Not knowing what else to do, Inui grabbed Kaidoh's arm and pulled him close."
Word Count: 660
Note: Beta'd by chibimono and disutansu.
Special Thanks: This is dedicated to chibimono and disutansu, because they are the wind beneath my wings. Mwhahaha ^^!

Not knowing what else to do, Inui grabbed Kaidoh's arm and pulled him close. It was the only logical thing to do-- or illogical. Depends on your viewpoint.

Inui hated kids, but Kaidoh HAD to drag him into Chuck E. Cheese's. If he had to put up with screaming kids, Kaidoh would have to put up with some hanky panky behind the robotic band of Chuck and Co. Afterwards though, they could play a nice round of skiball. Possibly a game of strip skiball, that would be much more fun. The children who would inadvertently see them would gain a new life lesson, so only good outcomes were available to everyone in the future.

But for now-- Inui's glasses glinted evilly, as he looked down upon a blushing Kaidoh crushed to his chest. For now, Inui would get something that he wanted from this evening. Kaidoh was dragged onto the stage, steered between the saxaphone playing duck and piano playing dog, and shoved behind the curtain. Never had Chuck E. Cheese's been so appealing to Inui before. They would have to frequent it more, he decided, as he sucked on Kaidoh's collar bone.

Inui's lips nipped lightly down Kaidoh's chest. Kaidoh trembled under Inui's lips and hands. It was all just so scandalous. Making out in a children's restaraunt? Any worker, or even worse, Chuck E. Cheese himself could walk in on them! Kaidoh gave another shudder. He glanced to the side for some reason, and felt tiny, beady eyes on him. A mouse sat on the ground motionless, glassy eyes seemingly aimed at them.

Inui kissed each new expanse of skin opened to him as each button came undone- pop, pop, pop. Kaidoh's knees wobbled. Maybe he was an exhibisionist at heart? He couldn't shake the feeling of eyes on him, so he just went with it. This whole situation was weird enough.

He and Inui had been hungry, so Kaidoh persuaded him into the children's food place, worried that if they had walked any further to a different restaraunt, his stomach would cave in. Kaidoh looked down at his stomach, which Inui was currently kissing, and going ever lower... No, Inui wouldn't go that far. This was the first time they'd ever touched like this. Kaidoh couldn't deny his ever growing attraction to Inui, so it's not like he minded-- but... They were in Chuck E. Cheese's! It couldn't be that romantic. A pop!, then a zzzzz-hiss as a final button and zipper were undone, and all Kaidoh could do next was throw his head back, squeeze his eyes shut tight, and hope the robotic band played at least one more song to cover up the moans he knew were escaping his lips.

His eyes darted to the side, seeing the mouse still staring beadily at them. They must've been a sight. Kaidoh, head thrown back and cheeks flushed. One hand touching his own trembling lips, while the other found purchase in Inui's hair, Inui, who was currently on his knees in front of Kaidoh, mouth and hands sucking and touching-- Kaidoh couldn't take it anymore, squeezing his eyes shut and letting a soft "Inui-senpai!" escape in a low, breathy tone. His knees finally gave out, as he slid down onto the dirty, slightly sticky floor beside Inui.

Even in the darkness behind the curtain, Inui's eyeglasses glinted. Kaidoh reached up and slid the glasses off of his senpai's face, which were extremely fogged up by now, and proceeded to kiss him silly. The final song of Chuck and Co.'s band ended, unnoticed by the two locked in a passionate kiss.

Maybe this wasn't too strange-- Kaidoh thought as he pushed Inui's coat off of his broad shoulders, and started tugging the shirt out of the waist of his pants. He wouldn't mind if this became a normality, as long as Inui senpai didn't try to get him to play any kinky games, like strip skiball, or something silly like that.

The mouse scampered away.


I doubt Japan even has any Chuck E. Cheese's restaraunts, but I was on crack or something, I suppose. I know, I'm scary. Sorry ^^. Maybe you can find it in your heart to love me anyway ^^;.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated r
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