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I got bored and made a new icon, woo! Fawn over the cute Naoya/Sota-ness of it all ^^:

Anyone can steal it if they want, go for it. I need to practice making icons and blinkies, I'm not very good at it anymore, I'm out of practice (was I ever good at it to begin with ^^;?).

Recently I've made two new friends (*waves at chibimono and disutansu*), and they've gotten me hooked on the drug known as Tenimyu ^^;. disutansu has been sending me the files, and I'm officially and hopelessly addicted o.O:. *glomps her* Thank you soooo much Helen, you're the best ^^!

I got to go to another one of my brother's concerts two nights ago. This is about the 20th one me, Stallion, and Noa have gone to see o.O;. The line up was great: The Social, Business Casualty, Stereostatic (woo, go Denton!), Scars Will Fade, and then The Professional Americans. The Professional Americans are so good, they rock my socks ^^. The bassist still thinks I'm creepy, and that I think he's sexy, but that's ok. He's not too bad looking, so I won't refute that too much ^^;. I'm never telling people that my brother thinks they're sexy again. Delivering messages like that just asks for trouble ^^;.
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