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The InuKai-ness to rule them all...

chibimono's birthday present... Chain link fence lovin', lol ^^. This pic spawned so much crack though o.O;.

Also chibimono's birthday present. It struck fear into the heart of all that saw it, especially mine ^^;. And yes, I spelled Kaidoh's name wrong on Inui's neck o.O;. *headdesk* Kaito? Gwah o.O;!

Many comics were made to cheer on everyone in writing fics, as I was working on the pics for Chibi. Inspiration is hard to come by at 3:00am, so I had to make some. OMG, look, disutansu got a paragraph of her fanfic done ^^!

It was fun trying to meet disutansu's demand for inspiration ^^.

Pleeease, kishmet, put down the spork. *gets sporked* Ahh, how could you Kish!? *dies again*


I couldn't stand it anymore. I just had to know what Kaidoh and Inui would look like if they rode on a unicorn together o.O;. I think its teh cute ^^. *hugs the UniInuKai-ness of it all*

Chibi also needed inspiration ^^. I tried. Maybe the scariness forced her to start typing her fic again? *can only hope*

Slushies aren't always bad, Helen ^^. But I agree with you, about 99.999999999% of the time, they are indeed pure evil, especially when you have to serve them to complete idiots.

I want Inui and Kaidoh hand puppets for real now o.O;. *tries to find some paper bags and crayola markers*

Zomg! Happy birthday Chibi! ...RIP scary InuKai comics, this is the last one o.O;.

Too much scariness for one post o.O;. Drawing scary little comics is too much fun, though ^^. I ought to concentrate, and make some better looking stuffs. Oh well ^^;. At least I acquired a new fav OTP during this: UniInuKai, mwhahaha (or not, hopefully not o.O;). Hopefully I've stopped bleeding crack, and can make normal pictures now, although I doubt it. *passes out from all the crack*

Yeah, I'm so unintelligible right now o.O;. *a loud snap resounds, which was most likely M's sanity breaking in two*

Tags: cartoons, fanart, happy birthday, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated r
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