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I thought the car accident that I participated on Friday was the icing to the horridness of this week. If that was the icing, I've got a strawberry to add on top, and it might count as whip cream too (did that analogy make any sense? probably not ^^;). I got pulled over by the cops, woo! My crime? I was going 7 miles over the speed limit. Eff. Oooh well, I managed to get out of it without getting a ticket though. That was nice ^^. I was just glad they didn't do a car search. My friends bought a lot of nonalcoholic martini mixer stuffs, so that would've looked way too suspicious ^^;.

I suppose since its Sunday, this whole situation should count as the first strike against this week, instead of adding it onto the badness of last week. Hopefully this week will be as bad as last week, because from a lifetime of playing videogames, I'm always eager to make a new high score ^^.

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