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Lol, I got this e-mail from my mom today:

Dear Emily: Call me if you haven't already talked to me about the doct. apt. I got you Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. It is a Chiropractor. She won't hurt you. Very gentle.

She knows me too well. If anyone knows how I've freaked out at doctor's offices, its her. I don't want to GOOOOOOOOOO!!! Chiropractor. Come on. It sounds... like a dinosaur or something. The Chiropractor is going to swoop down and tear me limb from limb! *pouts* Hopefully I can get over my nervousness ^^;. If not, she'll have to deal with me twitching and crying everytime she touches me, because believe me, there's an incredibly high possibility of that happening.

I don't want to -.-.
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