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Don't Bring it in the first place, please.

You are Sailor Mercury! Honest and pure of heart, Ami is the genius of the group. While she is quiet and reserved, she is very passionate in her friendship and wants to see everyone get along.

I'm pretty much like Ami I guess. I'm more likely to stalk drag queens than my friends, although I do do my fair share of friend stalking. *waves and Noa and Stallion*

Last night I went to Stallion's house (Noa came too), and we watched movies. How the heck did we get it into our heads that it'd be a good idea to watch "Bring it on Again!"? Agh, it hurt my brain to watch that. We wanted to see if it was as crappy as the first one, and we found it's suckiness not only matched its predacessor's, but it surpassed the first one's suckiness far more than anymore expected. That must've made the maker of that movie very proud.

Denton's show is the 12th (this Saturday)! I can't wait to see him and his band play ^^. I may be biased because he's my brother, but I really love listening to them play. For any Live Journal wandering souls: (( http://www.stereostatic.com )).

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