M (snowym) wrote,

Yatta ^________________________^!!!

I'm excited. My neck doesn't hurt nearly as much, and I feel like I can stand upright with the rest of humanity now o.o. Thank you chiropractor-lady-person! It felt pretty good, actually. I was working myself up for nothing. I didn't cry this time ^^;. I have an impressive record of crying at appointments, so I'm impressed with myself. Maybe I'm maturing? Nah. That's definitely not it o.O;.

Helen gave me a text message earlier to pretend that the chiropractor was Dr. Inui. It definitely worked, which is disturbing, because the chiropractor was an older woman, but oh well ^^;. No molestation occured on my part (although she touched my reaaally low on my lower back A LOT, which was weird), so there's no harm in pretending I had a sexy guy doctor to keep me from crying and hyperventilating ^^. Thank you Helen! *bwee-sign!* The moral of the story: as long as you don't molest the old lady, its ok to pretend she's a sexy asian guy. Because I don't know why. This entry is effed up, but my neck feels better, and that's all that counts ^^.
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