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Scariest InuKai manipulation ever. ^^. This goes out to disutansu, chibimono, and kishmet because you guys are spiffy, and... and... No one appreciates my stuffs like you guys do! *gets all teary* Yeah, I'll get something better to dedicate to you guys later. For now, you get the photoshoppy!crack-of-death.

Hah, told ya ^^. *cowers if fear from the scariness and scarriness*

*points wildly at disutansu* She started it! She wrote that fic! And I started thinking about the IK folder and-- and-- *dies* The fic is Invasion of Privacy, and it is a severely innocent fic, that had muchly evil offspring. *points at Helen again, and wanders away ^^*
Tags: inui x kaidoh, photoshop, prince of tennis, rated r

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