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Omg, this morning was so incredibly scary o.o. I jerked awake to huge booming sounds (which after a few seconds I identified as thunder), and about 20 car alarms going off at the same time. I thought the world was ending, it was so loud -.o. I've never heard thunder that loud. I crawled out of my bed, fearfully looking out my window, and yeah. That was a letdown. No huge gouges in the ground, where the techtonic plates are splitting? No people running in terror? Just a thunderstorm, where the noise was so loud, it set off all the car alarms. *pout* Oh well.

Nooo, I burnt the last speck of food in my dorm, that I was going to eat for lunch! *throws popcorn across the room* I'll have to mooch some food off my parents when I go home on Tuesday for another chiropractor appointment. *thwacks neck* Stop acting up!

*cough* Yeah, that was my uneventful day. If the world had ended, maybe I wouldn't have had to study for finals. Boo. *cracks out the text books*

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