M (snowym) wrote,


*flails in anger* Holy crap, I just spent the last 5 minutes punching my pillow and spastically yelling my hatred of Professor Harris. I've worked so hard this whole fucking semester and she gives me a D on that damn african site she made everyone work on, and gave me a D- on my final. SO MUCH WORK, and I know it was pretty good! It wasn't worth a D-, definitely o.O;.

Helen's ever awesome talking cheered me up ^^:

M: *wants to hit something*
Helen: *gives you pillow to hit*
M: Do I hit something? *doesn't know*
Helen: you can hit the pillow or throw it around *nods* release your anger! do a rant post! that always help

So here's my rant post, and my poor pillow is aching ^^;.

"Helen: D- IS LIKE... I PUT UP A BLANK LAYOUT WITH MY NAME ON IT." I should have done that, I would have gotten the same grade most likely.

Gwah!!! *deep breaths* I have never gotten so worked up about grades before, but this just pisses me off so much. This is just the icing to this semester. I'm so glad I changed majors and never have to see her again. An e-mail to her is in order, although I know I won't like the answer, since she always has stupid reasons to take of massive amounts of points. *cough* Yeah, I'm waaaaay overreacting, I'm sure, but I was so absolutely shocked. *flails more* Why can't I stop being angry!? *headdesk* I don't waaaant to be angry, but I feel mistreated -.-. *ambles away*

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