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INSANELY, mwhahaha!

SnowyM's LJ stalker is disorientation!
disorientation is stalking you because they saw your picture and fell in love.. They are also slowly poisoning you!

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Dav? Is this true? Quit poisoning me, you rapscallion.

I love to DDR ^^. Its insanely fun! Yes, insanely. Someday I will be a DDR Master (*gives up dreams of being a Pokemon Master* o.O)! Or not. I think I've got my hometown knocked into submission, where I now stand as DDR Queen though. Although, I think there's about 5 people here who like to play o.O. And my dad keeps on challenging me, which is quite funny ^^. I enjoy seeing him play to such songs as "Kind Lady" and "Drop the Bomb." ^^

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