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[FIC] Of Foam Peanuts and Bubble Wrap [InuKai - R]

Don't read this if you do not like yaoi. There are some definite boy love themes here. Stallion, once again, I'm forbidding you from reading this ^^.

Disclaimer: I've barely watched any Prince of Tennis, so I don't even know who it belongs to. The point is, it doesn't belong to me, or else there'd be a lot more gratuitous naughtiness. Yes, especially using inappropriate objects. Nothing is sacred!

Title: Of Foam Peanuts and Bubble Wrap (aka A Disconcerting Story About Bubble Wrap)
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: R
Warnings: You might not look at bubble wrap the same way. Sorry ^^;.
chibimono’s line: "Kaidoh knew he was in some sort of trouble as his sempai approached him with a gleam in his glasses and bubble wrap in hand."
Word Count: 1373
#12b ~ You think too much for 30_cracks
Note: Beta'd and titled by disutansu.

It wasn’t that far off from normalcy that Inui had invited Kaidoh over to his house. There was work to be done after all. Inui had rambled off some excuse earlier. Something about the wrong color and size of weights, and blah blah blah, because Kaidoh didn’t really hear the rest. He was going over to Inui’s house, just like normal, and that’s all that mattered.

Kaidoh walked into Inui’s room, and with all the natural grace of a feline, stumbled to the floor. This was a very un-Kaidoh like thing to do. From his new vantage point on the ground, he could see what had caused his fall. Littered on the ground randomly were 20-kg ankle weights that sumo wrestlers could’ve used. Not only that, but each ankle weight was neon pink. Empty boxes, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts covered most of the floor space. With a pout (which was also strange Kaidoh behavior), Kaidoh realized that there was actual work to do. This was definitely not normal. When Inui invited Kaidoh over to help him work, they never actually had work to do. They always just ended up making out on Inui’s bed.

“Inui-senpai, where should we start?” Kaidoh asked, resigning himself to an afternoon of repacking neon pink ankle weights, before he was hauled upward by his elbows. He was awkwardly carried across the room, and thrown on the bed. After Kaidoh stopped bouncing on the mattress springs, he had the decency to blush.

“How about we start here?” Inui whispered, leaning over Kaidoh. All Kaidoh could do was nod before he was pinned under Inui’s body weight. That fall had mixed him up, but things were getting back to their regular status now. The larger body pressing him down into the mattress, the lips trailing wet lines over his skin and leaving marks (which had become so routine in fact, that Kaidoh owned his own bottles of concealer and foundation), and the sudden wonderment of where had his shorts gone. This had completely astonished him the first few times, but he had come to accept that when your boyfriend’s hands and mouth were doing that, you wouldn’t notice the world ending, let alone your shorts disappearing. Since he and Inui had first started going out, Kaidoh realized that a lot of things once classified as strange had become the norm. Although, he had expected that when he first allowed Inui into his heart. Since the first time Inui had taken off his glasses and stared at him with those dark eyes, Kaidoh knew Inui would probably be able to make him do anything he wanted. Figuratively and literally speaking, he was screwed.

Speaking of being screwed, Kaidoh grasped at Inui's shirt, as his source of pleasure attempted to untangle their bodies. Leaving was not an option right now. Cheeks flushed and fingers twisted in his senpai’s shirt, he silently demanded that the senpai-kouhai relations continue. With Kaidoh’s current mind frame though (which happened to be a mix of seriously turned on and wanton), it was simple for Inui to brush off his hands and promise to be right back. With lube in tow, Kaidoh assumed. Deciding on a course of action until Inui’s return, he pulled the hem of his tank top down to grant a bit more modesty. Soon enough, he heard the crunch crunch of foam peanuts being trampled underfoot, and glanced upward. His jaw promptly dropped open, fingers unclenching in his surprise, letting his tank top ride up again.

Kaidoh knew he was in some sort of trouble, as his senpai approached with a gleam in his glasses and bubble wrap in hand. Soon, Kaidoh was once again pressed into the mattress under Inui’s body weight. Inui’s glasses were slipped off, and Kaidoh was once again helpless to his senpai’s dark eyes and roving hands. ‘Aw fuck’ were the last coherent words (if they were even that) Kaidoh thought before the popping ensued. And oh god, did it ensue.



“What the hell was that?” Inui just smirked and trailed his hand down his boyfriend’s side, which caused Kaidoh to sigh. “At least let me go?” Kaidoh asked, tugging at the bindings that held his wrists together at the headboard.

Inui stared one last time at Kaidoh before the inevitable cleanup. For all his worth, Kaidoh looked like a postal worker’s wet dream: hands package taped together to the headboard, foam peanuts sticking out of his hair, numerous flecks of bubble wrap stuck to the semen dripping down his thighs... It truly was a pity to let him go. Grabbing the box razor, he carefully cut away the tape and peeled it away, with a bit of wincing on Kaidoh’s part. Rubbing his wrists to regain the full blood flow in them, Kaidoh decided that while he probably ought to be mad at his hentai senpai, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Laying down and pressing against Inui’s side, he even dared to have a few ecchi thoughts of his own, along the lines of that the tied up part wasn’t as horrible as he’d originally thought. Maybe they ought to go to a specialty store later to purchase some proper restraints, and-- before those thoughts fully blossomed into a plan, Kaidoh buried his blushing face into Inui’s chest. In a few moments, he drifted off to sleep. It was tiresome to think that possibly at some point during sex, his boyfriend would shove him in a box and mail him away, putting the packing supplies to proper use.

The next few days at school had gone pretty smoothly. Inui had managed to not jump his kouhai, and Kaidoh had managed to kind of (but not really) qualm his blush when he saw his senpai. But, Kaidoh had been in quite a daze as flashes of various mailing supplies kept on flitting through his mind... He often didn’t hear when people were addressing him. Kind of like now.

“Yo Mamushi!” Kaidoh’s head snapped up at the hated nickname. “You’re blocking the trash can! Throw this away, will ya?” Momoshiro said haughtily, extending a... a... Kaidoh made a successful grab at the trash in Momoshiro’s hand, and proceeded to dash down the hall. “What the hell is that crazy viper doing now?” he muttered, shaking his head. He’d always thought the other teen was crazy, but now he was entirely certain of it.

After a few minutes of walking, Momo saw Fuji with his ear pressed to a janitorial closet, with a smirk on his face. He was almost afraid to ask, but didn’t have a chance to when Fuji waved him over, pressing a finger to his own lips as a sign to be quiet. Quirking an eyebrow, he pressed his ear to the door also, to see what had Fuji so entertained.

“Ahhhnn! *pop* Inui-senpai! *pop* *pop* *pop*!”

Momo pulled his ear away from the door, as if it had scalded him. He didn’t need to hear that. He didn’t need to hear that. He didn’t need to-- he stumbled away from the closet, staring numbly at Fuji, who still had his ear pressed to the door and a smirk on his face. His eyes snapped wide suddenly as he realized something. Streaking off down the hallway, which many students found it weird to see another student in such a hurry as to run full speed through the halls, many heard sharp cries of “No! Bubble wrap, no No NO!” coming from the speedy teen.

Kaidoh stood, albeit unsteadily, while holding onto his senpai’s school uniform jacket. In the cramped space of the janitor’s closet, they stood with their chests pressed together. For the second time that week, Kaidoh found himself burying his blushing face into his senpai’s chest.

Accepting this new irregularity as normalcy, Kaidoh slid his eyes shut and murmured “I... I have a new racket coming in the mail on Thursday. You better take responsibility, and come over.” Inui just ruffled Kaidoh’s hair, pulling him closer. This caused the remains of the bubble wrap trapped between them to make a few more popping noises.

Even Inui had the decency to blush this time.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated r
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