M (snowym) wrote,

I started my first (real) job yesterday. Woo, I work at a grocery store ^^;. Its not terrible, and it goes by pretty quickly, and I make money, so those are all good things ^^. But I need a nap right now, because standing on your feet for 5-8 hours straight is harder than it looks. At least my feet aren't numb, like yesterday ^_^. I'll get used to it, and take the grocery world by storm! Or something. Just joking. I'll stick with the writing/art stuffs instead, because at least those things don't feel like they're sucking my soul from my very being. Scanning corn and potatoes for long amounts of time will leave a large void in your heart, promise ^^.

Nap! *thudsnore, Jiroh style* Zzzzz...
Tags: work
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