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[FIC] The Mechanics of Love [InuKai - PG]

Ugh, this is really bad ^^;. *pokes fic* But I said I'd post, so I did. This was inspired by this pic that I edited, and a conversation me and disutansu had. I may write more on this in the future, and try and make it not suck ^^. Ugh, really. *headdesk*

Title: The Mechanics of Love
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: PG
Warnings: Gratuitous number reciting, and 1 1/2 kisses.
Word Count: 1035
#29 - Fire; Water; Earth; Metal; Wood for 30_cracks
Note: Un-beta'd.

It had been a light and sunny day (not to be confused with a dark and stormy night).

All was right with the world, or as right as it could get for Kaidoh Kaoru. He won his match against Momo during tennis practice (even though the baka insisted he had been cheating). Nothing of the paranormal had decided to harm him. He had even stopped to pet a kitten on the way home, whose owner had actually thanked him, instead of blaming him for terrorizing the animal. Now, as he was finishing his last jog for the day, he felt like nothing could go wrong.

If something weird was going to happen, like it usually did, it would have happened by now. Probably.


“Wha--?” Kaidoh whipped his head around, almost falling as he lost the steady pattern his legs had fallen into. After managing to stop without slamming the pavement he scanned the area. He knew someone just called his name, and he could’ve sworn it had been... “Ah, Inui-senpai.”

Inui stood in the middle of the street. Kaidoh couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed him, as he stood leaning against someone’s car. All the sudden, a high wailing noise started, and Kaidoh gaped.

“Eto... Inui-senpai... What are you doing?” Kaidoh was genuinely confused at this point. His senpai leaned against a blue Mitsubishi outside of someone’s house he didn’t even know, as it cycled through its variety of different car sirens, as if nothing were wrong.

“What am I... doing? A198237... I am talking to my kouhai.” Flushing a bit from being referred to as Inui’s kouhai, and then frowning a bit from a gut-feeling of something seeming amiss about this whole situation, Kaidoh shook his head. No, Inui did not just say a random string of numbers. Or if he did... Maybe he was thinking of some data he was collecting. Or something. Dammit, it was definitely getting hard to think with that car alarm going off.

“Senpai, if you want to talk, can we please go someplace else? I’m starting to get a headache...” Kaidoh winced to accentuate his point, as an especially shrill buzz sounded throughout the area.

“Ah, yes. Someplace else. Why don’t we go to... randomizing... P83612 Madagascar?”

Once again deciding to ignore the numbers uttered under Inui’s breath, Kaidoh worried his lip between his teeth. Madagascar? Had his senpai completely lost his mind? Just because he had had an exceptionally normal day, didn’t mean everyone else had. Deciding to humor his senpai, he forged onward in the strange conversation. Plus, the alarm was getting louder, maybe he had misheard Inui. Hopefully.

“Why don’t we go to the park instead? Its right down the road.”


After a short walk, the car alarm could hardly be heard anymore, for which Kaidoh was thankful. As they both sat in relative silence on a bench in the park, Kaidoh’s face flushed as he dug his heels into the dirt.

Why had Inui wanted to talk to him anyway? This was almost like a... like a... Like a date. Not that he’d been on a date before. Well, he almost had one time. With Inui... sort of, although nothing had come of it. His cheeks turned from their light pink tint to red. Kaidoh heard a soft “IS247” from Inui, before the press of palm on palm and fingers threading preoccupied him.

“Senpai... hand... Ah.”

“Yes Kaidoh, hand,” Inui said, lightly squeezing their intertwined fingers. “Bench,” he added, gesturing towards the bench they were sitting on. Kaidoh ignored that too. Today must have been really stressful for his poor senpai. Instead, he concentrated on the feel of their linked hands. This was like a dream, he couldn’t believe Inui was holding his hand. He allowed himself a tiny smile as he stared fixedly at his feet, which had now dug ruts into the ground.

“Kaidoh.” Inui’s glasses glinted somehow, even though the sky was darkening. “I like you.”

Shoulder’s stiffening and eyes wide, Kaidoh couldn’t believe what he had heard. Inui-senpai likes him? Even if this was an alcohol induced haze on Inui’s behalf (which Kaidoh had eventually chalked Inui’s strange behavior up to), Kaidoh couldn’t help himself.

“I... I like you too.” Kaidoh admitted, as his cheeks turned from red to a fierce shade of scarlet. As he glanced upwards to see how the other boy would react to his reciprocation, he saw Inui leaning towards him. Oh yeah, this came next, didn’t it? A kiss...

Kaidoh’s eyes slammed shut, as he slightly pouted his lips and waited. His first kiss. As he waited, he couldn’t help but note that the air smelled of flowers and fire. The flowers added to the dream-like feeling of the whole situation. And the fire... Kaidoh furrowed his eyebrows.

Yes, something was definitely burning.

Kaidoh’s eyes flew open, and to his horror, Inui was on fire. All of him. Scrambling away from the burning teen, cries of “L32789298127894!!! TR37490!!! PWN7349817083825903729!!!” rang in his ears, before his senpai’s imminent explosion.

Kaidoh fainted.

“Kaidoh... Kaidoh, are you ok?”

“Senpai?” Kaidoh regained consciousness to the feeling of Inui cradling him in his arms. “Didn’t you just...” he trailed off, glancing over to where his senpai burst into flame not very long ago. Sure enough, there lay Inui’s torso on the ground next to the bench, leaking oil everywhere.

“Ah. Who’s that?”

“Inui version 2.4.”


“So... You like me?”

“Umm... yeah.”

Kaidoh couldn’t help but notice that Inui’s hands felt a lot warmer than Inui 2.4’s did. That was a good sign.

“So... You’re Inui 1.0, right?”

Inui smirked. Leaning down, he brought his and Kaidoh’s lips together.

They could talk about Inui two-point-whatever’s later. Even though the air still smelled like a combination of flowers and fire, at least Kaidoh’s crush didn’t burst into flames again. So much for a normal day, if that was what he was looking forward to at the moment.

Oh well. At least there weren’t any Kaidoh 2.4’s. Right? Kaidoh’s gut clenched in fear, but he ignored the passing thought. Of course not. Maybe.

Kissing now, robots later.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated pg
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