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Insert indy fangirl squeeeee "here"

Ah, a rock show. Not much else like it. Very fun ^^. The "Goodnight Missouri: Spirit in the Sky" show was last night.

Denton played! Denton played! There's nothing that makes me more proud than seeing my brother get up on stage and do what he loves most ^^. I really do hope his dreams, of making a living by being in a christian rock band, do come to fruition. I would be his biggest fan. Wait, I already am that o.O. Eh, I would stalk his band and get him gigs in Japan (when I move there, of course). I think my favorite part of the show, is when I have at least 3 people come up to me and tell me how great a guy he is ^^. Someday, I want to have that kind of impact. To mean so much to people. Denton, if you ever read this: Always know how lucky you are, and how loved you are. I think the Springfield indy underground band world would come crashing to a halt without you ^^;.

And of course, the groups Starrfadu and Happy Endings were great ^^. There was a crazy guy who was trying to push buying Happy Endings shirts on us o.O. He held up a pink one and said he wore it, and it went great with his eyes. So of course I assumed he had pink eye at that point of time. He declared no, he did not pink eye, and then proceeded to threaten to push me off a cliff o.O. Good thing there were no cliffs in the general vicinity. Oh yeah, me and Noa were introduced to Austin and Mickey, very cool lead singers of Starrfadu and Happy Endings. I've met them before, but I think I'd forgotten o.O. Meh, who needs long term memory? Certainly not me.

Other bands were there. Piece of Mine (sucked), Cronos (meh, very Dave Matthew's Band-ish, who suck :P), and Out of Eden (pretty good, just not someone I'd really want to watch, although the dancing was cool). All in all, it was a fun day. I sat in the sun most of the time, but wasn't burned. Noa kept her pristine-ness also. Denton didn't come out so well though ^^. He was scorched o.O. Oh well, there was fun to be had, and we had it. Carpe diem! ...o.O;

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