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I keep on getting picked on at work o.O;;;.

Yesterday, some lady told me to get my hair out of my face. My dad appeared out of nowhere when I was walking back into the store, and he accused me of being late (Zach set that up though, I told him we're enemies now, mwhahaha!). Paul told me I'm really slow at checking out stuff (which I'm not, but when he asked me what the big drawers on the front of the checkout counter were for, I told him that's where I stuff the dead bodies... erm... yes, threat ^^ *cough*). And some lady had the tact to look at my fingernails and say "Honey! What's wrong with your fingernails?" I said nothing was wrong. She's all "Nonono... you bite them, don't you? Shame, shame, shame on you!" I was a bit mortified. I don't bite my nails, I tear them off, thank you very much. Leave me alooone o.O;.

And so weird, when I was on my break yesterday, some older guy started singing and dancing at me. I was just sitting at the table outside, writing one of my scary stories, like I usually do and... Yeah. The song went like this: "I'm sitting here just writing a letter... Is that what I'm doing? *I nod NO* A letter to myself! Its so much fun!" And then he did a jig. Umm... I kinda stuttered in confusion, and then told him to have a nice day.

Work is WEIRD. Wow ^^;. *sporks all the insulting people that need to keep their noses in their own business*
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