M (snowym) wrote,

Title: Confidential Information
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: PG
Warnings: Undescriptive kissing, oh my!
Word Count: 1876
#5 - Love for 30_cracks
Note: Beta'd by disutansu. I'm so SO blessed by your presence, you wouldn't believe. Don't refute it Helen, because you know you can't. *nodnod*
Special thanks: Someone wrote "I popped my callor" on the break table at work, and I stared at it for awhile before I got struck with this idea. What the hell does "I popped my callor" mean anyway? *SO probably doesn't want to know* ^^. Sankyuu mysterious table graffiti person at work.

Kaidoh Kaoru was bored.

And frustrated.

And angry.

And confused.

And he was a bunch of other things as well. Recently, he found out something else that he was.

Kaidoh Kaoru was gay.

Despite how many different times and ways he tried to refute this, it all came back to, that yes, Kaidoh thought Inui’s butt looked really good in his green track pants. On the other hand, Kaidoh thought that Inui’s butt would look even better with them off...

Kaidoh slammed his head as hard as he could down onto the seat he was laying on as penance. Too bad the seat was cushioned, that’s not a very good punishment. He pinched his arm really hard instead.

“Itai,” Kaidoh acknowledged dully.

‘Damn Inui and his really good looking butt, and his tall... umm... manliness,’ Kaidoh thought, rubbing his sore arm.

How dare he make Kaidoh gay? Life had never treated Kaidoh fair before, and it didn’t look like it was about to start now.

Not that he minded being in... love with Inui... Kaidoh blushed profusely at the fateful “L”-word. It was just that it was quite difficult to get over the fact that they were both boys. He was still in a state of shock, you could say.

Kaidoh slammed his head once more onto the seat bench. As his eyes slightly rolled from the impact, he gazed at the bottom of the table.

Takeshi was here.

For a good time, call 0739-43-3333 ^_~.

Yumi <3’s Nimura!

Now that Kaidoh looked more closely, a lot of people hearted someone.

It wasn’t fair. Kaidoh was in heart... err-- love, and yet he couldn’t tell anyone. If he did, it would surely get back around to Inui. It saddened Kaidoh a bit that he had no such confidant. The closest thing that he had to a confidant was, well, Inui. And yeah, if he told him, that’d defeat the whole purpose of not telling Inui.

He toyed with the idea of telling someone anyway. Surely there was someone he could confide in. He played with the raggedy seat covering of the booth he was laying in, as he became lost in thought.

Kikumaru? Kaidoh grimaced. The acrobatic boy surely wouldn’t be able to latch onto Inui quick enough. He could already hear the hundred miles a minute babble about everlasting love and what the possibility would be of them allowing him to be a bridesmaid at the imminent wedding.

If Kaidoh told Fuji, the tensai would immediately get that scary calculating smile on his face. That would just end up in a lot of bloodshed and tears, and he definitely didn’t want to be pulled into one of Fuji’s schemes.

Could he tell Echizen? He’d probably keep silent... No way, he was friends with that baka Momoshiro. He would eventually find out somehow, and the last of his pride would fly out the window as the world found out Kaidoh’s feelings via crude puns about Kaidoh liking Inui’s juice.

Ok, maybe he couldn’t tell anyone. But dammit, he really wanted this off his chest.

Kaidoh glanced at the underside of the table.

’I’m so not doing this...’ Kaidoh muttered, obviously in denial, as he grabbed a pen from his pocket.

Kaidoh <3’s Inui.

There it was for all the world to see, inside a big heart right between a wad of blue chewing gum and Tachi sucks. It was out now. Kaidoh wondered if this counted as coming out. He doubted it.

“You better not tell anyone. No one messes with Kaidoh Kaoru!” Kaidoh said fiercely to the one surface in this world that knew his secret, and proceeded to jab it with his finger. It glared back, but decided not to mess with Kaidoh Kaoru (or so Kaidoh liked to think).

“Umm... Here’s your food.”

Kaidoh quickly jerked upward into a sitting position.

“Ah, arigato.” Kaidoh looked up at the waitress apprehensively. “How long were you--”

“Not long... Were you... umm...” the waitress fidgeted nervously with a menu, “talking to the--”

“No.” Kaidoh narrowed his eyes.

“Oh. Well, enjoy your meal then.” She walked away, glancing back nervously every few moments. After eating his food, he grabbed his stuff and stood.

“Tell no one.”

He headed out of the restaurant, glaring over a shoulder at his new confidant.

The next day of school was going rather strangely. Was everyone looking at him? Looking up angrily, yet another group of girls quickly turned away in a fit of giggles. What the hell. His paranoia grew.

A hand flew out of nowhere, latching onto his arm, dragging him into an empty classroom.

“Yaaaaahhhhhh!” Kaidoh shrieked. A hand clamped over his mouth, sufficiently silencing him. ’Inui?’ he thought in surprise, finally identifying his assailant. The hand was quickly removed.

“Senpai, what’s going on?” He wanted to know, dammit. Today was getting to be a bit too weird. Not that he minded being all alone with Inui... Kaidoh blushed. He could still feel the warmth from his senpai’s hand on his skin.

“Let me see your hand.”

Kaidoh absentmindedly lifted his palm towards Inui. This was definitely like a dream. Maybe he would suddenly realize he was in his underwear or something.

He felt a few scritching movements across his palm, and looked at Inui questioningly. Inui just gave him the barest of smiles. He let go of his kouhai’s hand and tucked his pen back into his pocket. Rather curious, Kaidoh lifted up his hand to see what was written. He blinked, and then looked again. He stared at Inui. He stared at his hand once more.

Inui <3’s Kaidoh. In a big heart on the palm of his hand. All the blood in his entire system suddenly beelined to his cheeks. He stared dumbfoundedly up at his senpai, who was also blushing.

“It’s 100% true, you know.”

“Yeah.” Kaidoh ducked his head in embarassment. Words like these were hard to say. Luckily Inui had a pen. Kaidoh mentally snorted at his own bad joke.

Kaidoh looked up as he once again felt warmth. Inui took his hands in his own, pulling them close together. The press of palm and chest was addicting. Kaidoh leaned in closer, letting go of Inui’s hands, placing them along his back instead.


Kaidoh raised his head from Inui’s shoulder, and his eyes locked with Inui’s. He didn’t look for long though, as eyelids slowly slid shut of their own accord.

So warm.

Kaidoh smiled into the contact. His first kiss. His first kiss with Inui. To risk sounding cliche, Kaidoh hoped that he’d never wake up, because this most definitely had to be a dream.

Kaidoh’s eyes snapped open, suddenly mortified.

The dream screached to a rather abrupt halt. His grip tightened on Inui’s back, quite painfully in Inui’s opinion.

“Itai, Kaidoh, what’s wrong? Itai. Stop... please?”

“You know!” Kaidoh flailed, nearly knocking Inui’s glasses off with a spasming arm. “The heart, the gum, the love, and... It told you, didn’t it?! I told it not to tell you. Oh my god. Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygo--”


“Kaidoh calm down.” Inui gently rubbed Kaidoh’s cheek from where he’d had to slap him. Kaidoh collapsed into a hissing pile on Inui’s chest, looking about fit to die. “I love you, okay? Does it really matter if I know you wrote that on the table?..... And what ‘it’ told me? What’s ‘it?’”

“The table,” Kaidoh said in a small voice.

“You were talking to a--”

“No.” Kaidoh’s eyes narrowed.

“Oh... Well, yes... I suppose the table did tell us.” Inui stroked Kaidoh’s hair, half playing along, half trying to soothe him. His calculation of 99.6% hadn’t been incorrect, to Inui’s dissatisfaction. Of course Kaidoh would react negatively.

Kaidoh flailed again. “Us?! Who else knows?!”

Inui definitely shouldn’t have let that slip. He fixed his knocked-askew glasses. Oh well, the fitful boy would find out soon anyway. “Well,to put it lightly... everyone.”

And suddenly the whole day started to make a lot more sense. All the slightly concealed stares. The giggling. Fuji’s fear-inducing smile. Being wished “The best of luck, nyan!” from Kikumaru (he knew that statement couldn’t have just been about his upcoming test).

Both boys stilled as they heard an obnoxiously loud voice in the hall.

“And you wouldn’t believe my surprise when I looked under the table of my normal booth. I wanted to check if my ’Takeshi was here’ message was still there, and in this big heart--”

Inui quickly calculated a 14.5% chance of Kaidoh grabbing his pen and stabbing someone with it. He tucked it further down into his pocket to make sure that proved difficult. He was quickly relieved and surprised when Kaidoh chose a different course of action.

Kaidoh rocked up onto his toes, placing a light kiss on Inui’s lips. “I love you too,” Kaidoh reaffirmed the already known fact. “Meet me after school, you can walk me home or something.” Inui nodded dumbly, watching the other boy march out of the empty classroom, whom was seething and muttering things like ‘should’ve known he wrote that’ and ‘ARGH!’

“There’s a 91.8% chance that if we make it through this situation, we’ll make it through anything. Ii data...” Inui pushed up his glasses, cheeks still a bright shade of red from the adorably sexy kiss his new boyfriend just bestowed upon him.

Momo carried on, “--and it said ’Kaidoh loves Inui’. He must like the taste of Inui juice or something, haha--”

“Yo, baka!” Kaidoh called, balling the hand Inui had just written on into a fist. With a satisfying crack, Momoshiro was on the ground, clutching the side of his face. “Urusai. I’m tired of listening to your yammering.”

“Stupid mamushi...” Momo said, while his friends backed away. Kaidoh glared, which shut him up pretty quickly. With an annoyed ‘fffffshhhuuuuu,’ the ‘mamushi’ stalked away.

People still stared, but no one tried too hard to mess with Kaidoh about his relationship, especially after news of that incident got around. Kaidoh made a mental note to write “Momo is a baka” on the table next time he went to that restaurant. If it wasn’t going to be a good confidant and keep his secrets, he might as use it to his advantage.

Kaidoh Kaoru was gay. He loved Inui, and Inui loved him, and they would definitely be okay, despite outward forces of sheer stupidity like Momo. Sure, everyone knew, but at least he didn’t have to bottle it up anymore.

Plus, he had Inui. He used to think it was imperative that Inui not didn’t find out his secret, but he was glad the cat was out of the bag now. Kaidoh smiled, as they walked to his house after school, hands linked together.

Inui squeezed his hand. Hand holding was great and all, but he wondered how long it would be until he got to see Inui without his track pants on.

“Want to come over to my place for awhile, senpai?”


Not too long at all. Kaidoh smiled happily.

Author’s note: No, really. For a good time, call 0739-43-3333. Its an amusement park in Shirihama, Japan called Adventure World. Ahahah. *is so witty* disutansu totally changed my plot in the end. I so did not remember that Takeshi was Momo's first name ^^;, it was just a random name I had picked out. But the plot (plot?) is better for using that, so SANKYU HELEN ^^!
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated pg

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  • Manga/Anime/Work/Family

    Manga I'm into now: NO.6 Anime I'm into now: Yowamushi Pedal Anime I finished watching recently: Love Stage NO.6 I really didn't think I'd get…

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