M (snowym) wrote,

Title: Conglomeration of InuKai Photoshop Edits o.O
Rating: R
Warnings: Bad editing, condom, excessive oil leakage, riding crop, saddle, carrot... Not worksafe. *nodnod* This is pure, unadultered CRACK. Be forewarned ^^;.
Special Thanks: disutansu takes all these nifty screencaps and incorporates them into her InuKai'y PoT reviews, so I just randomly swiped them to make such scariness. She forgives me though, cause I'm so lovable and all. Or not o.O? Am I not forgiven? O.O!!! *flail* FORGIIIVE ME HELEEEEN!!! *clings to her leg*

Inui working on his own Photoshop pictures.

Creating pics like this help him gather data... or something...

I don't know. I honestly don't know. Just... go look at the next pic or something. I'm sorry you had to look at this. *secretly likes this one the best* ^_^.

This and a convo with disutansu inspired this fic.

Kaidoh and Inui are going to have kittens!

Inui always gets what he wants. Poor, poor Kaidoh ^^;. This has inspired a fic, and it is currently in the works, so be prepared to run away in the near future.

Not InuKai, I know... but I think its pretty ^____^. Inui version 25.8, go!
Tags: inui x kaidoh, photoshop, prince of tennis, rated r
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