M (snowym) wrote,

Nothing too amazing has happened lately. Although I did go buy/rent my college books I'll need for this semester. 10 textbooks for 5 classes, what the hell o.O;. I'm getting a feeling the homework will eat my soul this semester ^^;. Oh well. I shall try my hardest!

I bought new gauges at the mall, they're pretty cool ^^. They look for the most part like this:

Except mine are red/black striped. Gauges are expensive, ouch o.O. *clutches wallet in pain* I was going to stop at size 4... but, well, that didn't happen ^^;. I got these in size 2, so they can stretch out while I wear them. My friends said I need to just find a secure job, so I can make them however big as I want. I agree ^^;.

Wow o.O;. I haven't written anything for awhile, but I just sat down and wrote a whole fic-thing on a whim. I'll post sometime after I bully one of my friends into beta'ing it for me ^^. *looms menacingly over disutansu, chibimono, and kishmet*
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