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The end and the beginning... ^^

YES! I'm finally graduated! High school is over ^^. And... *drumroll*

College will soon begin!

I'm not sad at all. So many people I'd rather never see again. Of course, I'm bound to see them again someday, most likely, but maybe I'll be more sure of myself then. I haven't had a reason to be sure of myself until awhile ago. I'm not some worthless person, like I'd been telling myself and lots of other people. I can DO things! I have talents!

And I'm going to go kick the world's ass. Bring it on world, I'm Emily Adam, and I'm not going to sit back anymore and take crap from people. Hmm... Emily Adam was the old me, that was a wimp. I need a new name. Like Xanadu ^_^. Eh, we'll work on the name later.

This journal will start, just as I'm starting from the end of a horrible time of my life (aka the public school system). Hopefully this online journal thingy will help me keep track of what I'm doing right and wrong, so I can keep myself in line. I don't want to revert back to the sad being I was last year. Persevere!
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