M (snowym) wrote,

Today is my last day of working at Summer Fresh, yaaaaaa~y ^___^! My goal today is to not get leered at too much. Hopefully my new almost!boy-short hair will help me on that quest. I shall only miss two people out of that whole friggin' building, although about 5 will miss me. I can't bring myself to miss the girl that calls me EMY EMY EMY all the time, holy crap. *holds back strangling reflex*

Anywaaay, I shall miss you Joel and Daniel! Joel, you kept my register so shiny, your obsessive compulsivenss astounded me, and thank you for arming me with random weapons to keep the scary old men away (ex: paint scraping blade, ink pens, giant metal bar that's slightly sharp on one end). Daniel, you were really cute and would keep my entertained for several hours by talking with me about random strange things. I shall come back to Summer Fresh, and either of you can bag my apple juice for me.

Time for work! *hops in M!mobile and drives away*
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