M (snowym) wrote,

Well, I'm all moved in now, and its not too shabby ^^. I managed to cram all of my computer stuffs onto my desk, amazingly enough. As of right now, I look so fry. Noa (one of two of my personal hair dressers) has put massive amounts of bleach in my hair, and then later we're going to put teal dye in it. Yay ^^! I haven't dyed my hair since before Summer, so I'm excited. I shall probably look like an ass, but I want something different o.o.

Oh, and by the way if anyone noticed, I was able to be my internet connection without any complications ^^;. I thought it might be a few days, but using my awesome speech skillz, I walked up to the techies and managed to portray that I wanted my cord TODAY. ...Then I had to go back, and get a second cord to run it through my surge protector, so the effect of my OMNIPOTENCE (correct spelling is so last week, so I don't care to do spell check on that) wore off pretty quick. Oh well ^^;. I feel much better now that I'm out of the house -.o. If you've talked to me in the past few days, I've been pretty high strung being at home. Sorry ^^;;;. *goes off to neaten up some random objects around the room*

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