M (snowym) wrote,

It is 3:37am currently, woo ^^! The clouds are so cool, its unbelievable. Its just about to storm, and there's a full moon, and its super windy, and so lovely ^^. I need to take more 3am walks. *nodnod* Before that-- me, Noa, Stallion, and Erik played several games of this boardgame thing Stallion called Imaginiff. Pure crack, I reccommend it ^^. My favorite question of the night: "If Santa were a sea creature, what would he be?" That's just about the coolest question that could ever occur ^___^.

Anyway... Yeah, its now 3:54am, and I should be sleeping. But I can't, soooo-- I shall wait. But maybe later! *flips cloak and runs off to look at other things on the internet*
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