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Heroes, Hair, Hades, and Hazards.

Wow, I'm a major freak ^^. I bought 12 Animorphs books today o.O. But they were so cheap, and I have a wierd need to finish the series I started when I was in middle school. I restrained myself, I could've bought more than what I did, but all my money is not going to go to children's books (at least today).

Dave Barry is my hero. He's a genius, plain and simple. If I could do what he did for a living, I'd do it in a heartbeat ^^. Although I'm not quite as masterful with the written language as he is, maybe someday I'll be able to do something like that on the side. Dumb dumb M, you're not going to college for journalism! You will be a graphics art masta' first. Then you can think about other things. There's too many things I'd love to do o.O. I really do love art ^^. Its just hard to stay focused when I'm such a talented person... *gag*

Yes! I finally have black hair! I'm enjoying it right now ^^. I don't care if I look like a big goof or whatever, I think its pretty. I think my mom is going to steal all my black clothing during the night sometime o.O. She and my dad do NOT want me to look gothic AT ALL. That's too bad o.O. I've always dressed a bit like a goth. Sometimes more than a bit ^^;. I love gothic clothing and style though, I can't help it. I don't know how many times she's asked me if I worshipped Satan o.O. I hope jokingly, although I doubt it. Denton and her are always the ones that get into screaming fights, and yet she dubs me the rebellious child? Not fair -.-;. I'm a good kid, really! *shifty eyes*

I saw Spiderman 2 last night... It was ok. Ock's arms were really gross in some parts though, as in I was huddling down in the theatre seat, covering my eyes, and saying "eww eeEEWWww eww" until the scene with his doctor masacre in it was over. Gicky -.-. But the real fun of the night was driving home in nasty weather. I could barely see the road, but the lightning was striking so much that I didn't need to worry about seeing. I needed to worry about getting electrocuted or drowned or washed off the road o.O. Oh well, me and my friends aren't dead, so I'm not too bad of a driver ^^. Yeah!

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