M (snowym) wrote,

One-line drabble meme

Swiped from disutansu, cause I've been a major slacker when its come to writing lately. 'I don't feel like it' just doesn't seem like a good reason anymore -.o.

Give me a character or pairing (from a fandom I'm familiar with) and a word/phrase, and I will write you one line of fic a drabble or fic here.

I'm willing to try to write for anything I know about. I'll tell you if I have no idea about the anime/whatever you requested ^^;. Gimme the fandom, pairing, and a word/phrase.

Drabble request list:
  • orestria - [Prince of Tennis] Kajimoto x Kirihara; "that excuse just doesn't cut it"
  • orestria - [Prince of Tennis] Fuji x Oshitari; "that's it, time's up"
  • joshua_glass - [Prince of Tennis] Oshitari x Gakuto; "I told you not to try that without supervision" - It Takes Talent
  • justsonya - [Prince of Tennis] Echizen x Kirihara; "neither could manage to comb their hair properly"
  • perfectassassin - [Prince of Tennis] Sengoku x Kirihara; pole dancing - Glory
  • disutansu - [Prince of Tennis] Inui x Kaidoh; gazebo - Data Interrupted
  • disutansu - [Prince of Tennis] Inui x Kaidoh; pagoda
  • kishmet - [Prince of Tennis] ; webcam - Getting Things to Work
  • kishmet - [Prince of Tennis] Tachibana x Tezuka; gazebo - Now and Forever
  • chibimono - [Prince of Tennis] Momo x Kaidoh; music
  • chibimono - [Prince of Tennis] Amane x Kurobane; ball
  • chibimono - [Prince of Tennis] Yanagisawa x Kabaji; soy sauce - Soy Sauce
  • chibimono - [Prince of Tennis] Sengoku x Kikumaru; red
  • chibimono - [Bleach] plushie!Kon x Ichigo; stuffing - Stuffing
  • joshua_glass - [Petshop of Horros] D x Leon; "I thought you said no smoking in the shop D..."
  • disutansu - [Prince of Tennis] Inui x Kaidoh; shlorp
  • kagomegirl - [Prince of Tennis] Momo x Ryoma; "Aishiteru no Momo-senpai," Ryoma whispered quietly, then tugged on his cap asking quietly still, "Would you mind staying the night at my place? I don't want to be alone tonight."
  • ai_ling - [Prince of Tennis] Akutsu x Dan; "But of course you knew that already, senpai?"
  • moonrainty - [Prince of Tennis] Oshitari x Gakuto; uniform
  • devilintoronto (now sadaoru) - [Tenimyu] Naoya x Sota; scenario: they found InuKai doujinshis, and tried acting them out - Romantic Diversion
  • devilintoronto (now sadaoru) - [Tenimyu] Naoya x Sota; scenario: it's the last night of the myu, and their seemingly last night together causes a few confessions
  • trinityhelix - [Prince of Tennis] Tachibana x Tezuka; "For the last time, I'm not going on the teacups with you, Kunimitsu." - Teacups
  • trinityhelix - [Prince of Tennis] Tachibana x Kamio; scenario: creative ways of getting his vice-captain to simmer down / not be so neurotic
  • shinichirouwaya - [Prince of Tennis] Kaidoh x Kamio; Hisashiburi da na (Long time no see) - Hisashiburi Da Na
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