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Data Interrupted - InuKai

Title: Data Interrupted
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Almost curse words? And explosions! And un-beta'd-ness! BE WARNED!
Word Count: 459
#32 - Smile for 30_cracks (this is about as violent as I get, peoples)
Note: Written for disutansu, because she requested an InuKai 'gazebo' story. By writing this story, I have further ensured that no one will ever request a gazebo story from me ever again, mwhahaha >3!

“Na, Kaidoh, what’s that?” From Kaidoh’s window, Inui could see the roof of a structure in the backyard that wasn’t included in his data of the Kaidoh family.

“Huh?” Kaidoh shifted upright so he could see what Inui was looking at. “Ah,” Kaidoh said, laying his head down on Inui’s lap once more. “My parents bought a gazebo. They think its romantic or something.”

The movie they rented kept on playing, massive explosions and agonizing screams pushing the sound limit of the speakers on the tiny television. Inui wasn’t paying attention anymore though, as his mind had just kicked into overdrive.

Search: Things to do with Kaidoh in a gazebo.


Results 1-10 of about 109.</i>

1. Sitting.
2. Holding hands.
3. Kissing.
4. Whispering sweet noth--

::::data interrupted::::

Before Inui could further compute, he was interrupted by the boy in his lap’s hand suddenly thrusting up into the air, nearly knocking the glasses off his nose. Apparently Kaidoh had just witnessed one of the coolest fights ever, and he couldn’t keep still as the entire building on the screen was blown sky high. How Kaidoh could be so kawaii while watching carnage was beyond Inui. As the last embers died down, and the credits started rolling, the bandana-clad teen asked Inui if he thought the ending was cool too.

“Ah, of course. I liked the... umm... explosion.”

“Me too!” Kaidoh said, having that almost-smile on his face, which Inui had come to interpret as an actual smile.

“Kaidoh... do you want to go down to the gazebo?” A sufficient excuse will be needed... “I’ve never been in one before.” Ah, yes, that should work. From the few things that his brain had produced on being with Kaidoh in the small wooden structure, he definitely wanted to drag his kouhai down there sometime.

“Actually,” Kaidoh said, sidling closer to Inui on the bed, “maybe we could stay here for awhile?”

Inui’s eyebrow arched nearly to his hairline at this surprising turn of events, and his brain once again went into overdrive.

Search: Things to do with Kaidoh in Kaidoh’s room.


Results 1-10 of about 7,814.</i>

1. Sitting.
2. Holding hands.
3. Kissing.
4. Fuc--

::::data interrupted::::

Inui was torn out of his thought processes, as he quite suddenly had a kouhai in his lap and lush lips covering his own. As they broke apart with a joint gasp, Inui mumbled ever so eloquently, “Yeah, let’s stay here.”

They never did make it down to the gazebo that day.

Author's Note: By the way, anyone's welcome to come request a fic here. Cause I need things to do when my college classes aren't driving me up the wall ^^;.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated pg13
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