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Ah, the tangled webs we weave...

Yes! Yesterday was a very good day for me ^^. I got to see Denton play, I got free shoes, and the East East Asian Market drama that is Noa's life has grown ever more deceptive and interesting ^^.

I am a huge cheeseball, that's all there is to it. I always about cry during Denton's concerts, I feel so dumb o.O. I just start thinking too much about how proud I am of him, and I get all teary -.-;. Why does he have to be so great? I'll never know, the stoopid punk ^^. Eh, Denton already has a huge enough ego, no need for me to feed it too much. Lol, one time I remember at church, during a youth group session, they had a part where people could stand on the stage (with the mic mind you, mic's scared me senseless back then o.O) and tell some about the person they looked up to the most. Of course, me in all my preteen glory hopped up on stage (probably to Denton's horror ^^) and proceeded to talk about how much he meant to me. Ah, how I pine for the days when I could actually embarrass him. I think its impossible now, he embarrasses himself enough as it is (same for me I suppose) ^^. I'm told we're scarily alike, and that's fine with me.

Yes, free shoes! Thank you Hot Topic! Mwhahaha, I'm about 30 inches taller than Noa in these shoes ^^. Or 4 inches, whatever. Cash register malfunctions rock in my opinion (usually at least o.O). First they ring up as 1 cent, then as $3,986. The chivalrous man that was running the store (I assume he was trying to impress Noa by being nice to me of course, that's the order of things) gave them to me for free. That's fine with me. Of course, I spent the money that would've gone towards the shoes on a t-shirt. Eh, I'm not the best with money o.O.

Ok, so the Asian Market Boy (who I'll fondly refer to as Wiggles from now on) was mysteriously absent today. Noa was sad, and cried for her dear Wiggles. Some old lady was running the store, and playing bad bad 50's music over the speakers as she did so. I think she saw Noa, and is going to try and ruin the nearly non-existant relationship her and Wiggles have, because he son is probably Wiggles' sexual rival, who is also pining after Noa. Ah, so complicated. I anxiously await the next episode of the "East East Asian Market: The Chase for Wiggles." We must hurry back there to shop Noa, I want to see what awesome-ness happens next ^^. Will Wiggles' sexual rival try to dress up as Wiggles and woo Noa with the faux costume? Will Noa fall for the trap, since I now assume she will love anything wearing a baseball cap that works in a asian market (even that erotic tea set... especially the tea set -.-;). Will Denton get a distressed phone call from me and Noa, and go pick up Wiggles from his college and bring him to us, only for them both to become ensnared in a life threatening car chase, started by Wiggles' sexual rival's mother? Who knows? I'm having too much fun, I'm ending this now ^^.

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