M (snowym) wrote,

I ganked this off of chibimono, and here ish my results O.O!

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1) What flavor of jello would cat_shinobi be? Ermm... Neko? =O.O=!!!
2) If kishmet and aomurasakiai were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At their elbows ^_^.
3) What would chibimono think of scandalous_chib? PHROAWR!
4) Has chibimono been to your house/dorm? No, although she has been to her own house. Does that count?
5) Is cat_shinobi 1337? She's not minion #1337, she's minion #79. Sheesh.
6) Have you flirted with odangoinblack? I don't think so, but maybe this is a sign to start.
7) What do you disagree with scandalous_chib about? Who Momo should be paired up with. I say Kamio and Ryoma, and she says Inui and Kaidoh. Yay for crack pairings ^^!
8) Would noa_hara and cat_shinobi look good together? Noa luffs cats, and Cat is a cat, so I'd say it'd probably work out.
9) What is scandalous_chib's favorite movie? No idea, sooooo... I'm gonna go with Tennis no Oujisama... The Movie! Chibiiii, you must tell me now, I'm curious ^^.
10) What exotic animal would orestria like as a pet? Does exotic = legal? Cause everyone I know would desperately love to have a live Kaidoh as a pet ^^.
11) What is odangoinblack's biggest flaw? Her ability to not shoot lazer beams out of her eyes -.-. Although, that's my biggest flaw also ^^;.
12) What animal does noa_hara remind you of? Noa's a kitty, no question =^.^=.
13) What animal should kishmet be combined with? A dragon! No... a horsey! No, both! Cause she could be a Kihorgon, and we could all giggle, cause it sounds like she has 'whore' in her name. *nods sagely*
14) How tall is aomurasakiai? Well, since I'm not sure, I'm gonna go with... 10 feet tall! Or more accurately... 5'4"?
15) What is disutansu's favorite band/artist? Anything Prince of Tennis ^^.
16) Which of your friends should chibimono go out with? Chibi should go out with my daughters Kish and Helen, and we can have an awesome tangled web of lies for a family, yay ^^!
17) Is kishmet an emo? No. She's more... medievil ^^. Long live chainmail!`
18) Is disutansu a high school student? No, but at one dark, dark time of her life she was.
19) Is iheldyouclose popular? Only to the people whom call him Tay Tay.
20) If odangoinblack and aomurasakiai were spliced together, what would it be like? A mega poetry-fanfiction writing machine will have just been born, although I prefer them apart, so I can keep that extra tally mark to my friends list ^^.
21) What song/movie would you recommend to iheldyouclose? I would recommend Black Beauty, so he can learn how to better take care of teh Stallion.
22) What planet should aomurasakiai be from? Well, since I'm currently on earth, I'm going to force her to be from earth, so she can't run awaaaaay from me, mwhahaha ^^.
23) How many monkeys could scandalous_chib fight at once and win against? Wow. Monkeys don't stand a chance against Chibi. Let's just say 'bye bye' to the monkey population.
24) Does aomurasakiai do drugs? Helen ish drug free, I do believe. Although I have tried to coerce her into using Tylenol before.
25) What is scandalous_chib's favorite food? BOTAN RICE CANDY! Or hamburgers ^^.
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