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Sep. 11th, 2005

Yesterday was pretty evil. It twas the first football game of the year. Those suck so much o.O;. I don't get football at all, nor do I care to. And I am not allowed anywhere near my one friend in the band (*makes grabby hands for Noa*), as we sit by instrument sections, so I sit in solitude for hours on end until it is ovah.

♥ SANKYU KISHU FOR TALKING TO MEEE! I think the game would've eaten my soul completely this time, if you hadn't of let me bug you during it ^^. Although you sounded slightly amused to hear my bad playing ^_^.
♥ GOMEN CHIBI AND HELEN! I believe a very sleepy M called you both at midnight to say sorry and goodnight ^^;. I wasn't able to stay conscious to come and chat after the football game.

Umm... my shoulders are sore, I'm a wimp ^^;. Hopefully I'll get used to hauling my horn around correctly soon. At least the band didn't suck too bad at halftime last night ^^;. That would've been super depressing if my night sucked AND the band sucked -.o;.

Can anyone tell I'm still tired? *wanders away mumbling*


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Sep. 11th, 2005 01:59 pm (UTC)
*understands and loves* You don't have fellow tuba players with you? ;-; If I was still in band I'd be in the clarinet section so I think we won't be together either. *clings to teh M*

XDDD KISH WAS SO LUCKY TO HEAR YOU PLAY!! *wants to hear you play* And I don't mind, Sleepy!M sounded so cute and so @_@. Then again I was also very tired and dead from work.

Hopefully you got to sleep in and such. I have to go to work in 1 hour (filling in agaaaaain *dead*) so I hope to see you tonight! *snuggles*
Sep. 11th, 2005 02:43 pm (UTC)
I play the melophone, which makes me even more of a wimp, because its not nearly as heavy as a tuba ^^;. But with my complaining, I can understand why you think I play the tuba ^^;;;. I'm just destined to never stand by friends in band ;_;. *clings to teh Helen* I do have fellow melophone players... but I wouldn't call them friends ^^;;;. They're just there, and if they say something to me, I'll say something back.

Well, I have 4-6 more football games, so you'll most likely get to hear me play ^_^. Cause I like to bug people when I'm being tortured by random things. That does indeed seem to be the consensus, that I'm cute when I'm sleepy @_@. I like hugging plushies and pouting when I'm tired ^^;.

I did get to sleep in, I was so happy ^_^! Although I'm still tired @_#. I've got a major sleep debt to repay, I don't think I'll ever catch up on it ^^;. GANBATTE HELEN!!! I shall see you online tonight, and you can tell me all of the tragedies that befell you at work ^__^.
Sep. 11th, 2005 11:43 pm (UTC)
*understands and loves* I don't know why I thought you play the tuba... hmmm... interesting. XD;;

Yaaaaaaay, and hopefully you'll watch ES21 before the next game? X3

I need sleep a lot and usually can't find time to nap... and if I do I nap for hours. XD;; *is so bad*
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