M (snowym) wrote,

Yesterday was pretty evil. It twas the first football game of the year. Those suck so much o.O;. I don't get football at all, nor do I care to. And I am not allowed anywhere near my one friend in the band (*makes grabby hands for Noa*), as we sit by instrument sections, so I sit in solitude for hours on end until it is ovah.

♥ SANKYU KISHU FOR TALKING TO MEEE! I think the game would've eaten my soul completely this time, if you hadn't of let me bug you during it ^^. Although you sounded slightly amused to hear my bad playing ^_^.
♥ GOMEN CHIBI AND HELEN! I believe a very sleepy M called you both at midnight to say sorry and goodnight ^^;. I wasn't able to stay conscious to come and chat after the football game.

Umm... my shoulders are sore, I'm a wimp ^^;. Hopefully I'll get used to hauling my horn around correctly soon. At least the band didn't suck too bad at halftime last night ^^;. That would've been super depressing if my night sucked AND the band sucked -.o;.

Can anyone tell I'm still tired? *wanders away mumbling*

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