M (snowym) wrote,

Yaaay, the K2 InuKai dj anthology + Renai Virus by Erebus came in the mail today ^_^. Erebus is still my favorite circle, but K2 Company really needs to do more InuKai djs o.O;. Like, really really needs to. Cause that would be lovely ^___^.

At kishmet's prompting, yesterday I bought a book by Mercedes Lackey called Magic's Pawn. It's so cute so far o.O;. I just want to give the main character a big hug/molestation. He's too kawaii for words ^^. He's just like Kaidoh in Kishu's fanfic The Heir's Choice (super subtley pimps the first chapter)! I also picked up Petshop of Horrors #7 and 8, so only two more of those to buy to finish the series before I allow another manga buying spree/obsession to occur ^^;.

I'm kind of hungry at the moment, as I haven't eaten for about 24 hours, so I guess I'll go consume something now ^^;. Its only at times like this when cafeteria food tastes good. Maybe I should do this more often ^^;;;.
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