M (snowym) wrote,

Tragedy of the century!

My birthday is in a week! I'm going to be twenty, oh god o.-! *cough* Just kidding, that's not the tragedy ^^;. Although I wonder in which way it's going to suck this year. Everyone, just duck your heads down and hurry through September 20th. That's what I'm going to do at least.

My internet isn't working -.o;. I moved all my worldly possessions once more today. Moving sucks, I tell you. That's why I move 5 times a year. After all the cords and such were plugged into everything possible (walls, computers, scanners, surge protectors, kittens, etc.), I found out the connection to my current dorm doesn't goooo. So, here I am in the computer lab, because its highly improbable there's a day I can go without checking my e-mail and live journal ^^;. Hopefully there shall be someone from the Computer Services office in to fix it tomorrow. Until then, AIM shall be quite M-less. You could call it AI if you wanted. Nfu ^^. I don't know what I'll do tonight, as I spend most nights talking to Helen and Chibi until 2am -.o. Sleep? *chokes* Okay... Probably read.

In my fit of non-internet boredom, I read half of my doujinshi collection, watched a freak'y Japanese movie called Inugami (it was pretty good though, but don't watch it if you don't like paper and/or complex incestuous love triangles), and scanned the dj Glass Heart by Erebus (I don't think anyone's scanned that yet, I haven't seen it on the internet at least). I'll upload Glass Heart as soon as I get my internet connection back. Everyone who hasn't read it-- prepare yourselves for my favorite part-- THE NAKED PUNCH! Mwhahahanfu ^^.

Anyway, yes. I shall go take an obscenely long walk now, as I tend to do most nights. *ambles off into the night*

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