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Well, let's see. Lots of random things have happened in the past few days. Can I remember any of them? Probably not, but I'll try ^^;.

I GOT MY INTERNET BACK TODAY. Zomg, it took forever o.O;. They came to my room four times before it got fixed, holy crap. But at least it is fixed now, and I won't have to be internetically (new word for your dictionary!) deprived anymore ^^.

I DID MY LAUNDRY. I drove to my parent's house to do my laundry, because I was out of clean clothes ^^;. Might as well visit my parents (although they weren't there most of the time) and get laundry done for free at the same time. When I was there, I went to the high school football game. I wouldn't have, but my dad writes the marching band shows, and he wanted me to see it. Sooo, I subjected myself to several hours of uneasiness as everyone either asked me if 'college is going good', or all the new students asking 'hey, you're Mr. Adam's daughter? weird'. What's so weird about being someone's daughter? I've never quite grasped that o.O;.

I BOUGHT AND WATCHED RED vs BLUE: Season 3 on DVD. Go watch it you foolish fools ^^. Or if you haven't heard of it, go download some of the episodes at redvsblue.com. Cause it rawks.

I HAD A BREAKDOWN YESTERDAY. I woke up, and had this terrible foreboding feeling. I've felt it before, and its strange, but usually someone I know gets hurt around the time I start feeling like that. Soooo, I picked up my cellphone and started calling everyone, but everyone was okay. I noticed after awhile that I was crying, and figured out 'no, no one's hurt, you're just going through a mental breakdown stupid'. And I cried for a good few solid hours, and I'm still not quite sure why. I was truly pathetic yesterday, and I'd like to extend a vigorous thanks to all who helped me not stab a fork through my eye. Let the credits roll.

Hair Petter Extraordinaire... Noa
Cheerer Uppah Mastah... Kish (my gawd, I'm sorry you had to talk to depressed!M for so long o.O;)
Cheerer Uppah Mastah #2... Helen
Everyone Else I Contacted... Stallion, Chibi, Mom (thanks for letting me know you weren't dead)

Lots of other things also surely happened, but I have forgotten. They are now lost to the depths of time. That's fine with me ^^. *goes off to make more memories, so she can forget and banish them also*

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