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I went randomly cavorting through the mall today, and I bought...

ZOMG, EEEEE, TETSU! *flails oh-so much*

Yay ^^! There is hardly ever any Japanese music in the mall o.O;. And one of L'arc~en~Ciel's CDs was mystically there. I'm not gonna question it, I'm just gonna count myself lucky ^^;. *hops around happily*

I've heard hardly any of these songs, so I'm betting its pretty new. The track list goes as:

01. New World / 4:06
02. LOST HEAVEN / 4:36
03. Poem~JOJOUSHI / 5:10
04. TRUST / 4:29
05. Killing Me / 4:01
06. AS ONE / 3:44
07. My Dear / 5:09
08. EXISTENCE / 4:08
09. Invitation to Freedom ~Jiyuu eno shoutai / 3:59
10. Ophelia / 5:09
11. Stars ~Hoshizora / 5:36
12. twinkle, twinkle / 5:12
13. HEAVEN'S DRIVE (live at Yoyogi National Stadium June 26, 2004) -US only bonus track

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