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Sleep, why hath thee betrayed me? -.-

I just got back yesterday night from a family vacation to Portland, Maine. I'm so tired, its crazy o.O. I didn't hardly sleep the whole week. Maine is too pretty though ^^. And I saw a whale on a boat trip, yay. I'm just glad I spent some time with my family (even though Denton didn't go -.-), although they were getting on my nerves by the end on the trip (but that's what family's for -.-;). I'm just glad to be home. When we rolled across the city limits, I don't think I'd ever been so happy to see this shoddy little town ^^.

Yay, I just ordered my new computer. I must think of a name for him. I'll still get to have internet access (and jrock PV access ^^) in college, so that's a good thing.

College is coming up o.O. I hope me and my roommates get along (I hope that Jessica one isn't as awful as she seemed over the phone, gagh ~.o;). Ah, just kidding Noa, you know I love you in a purely platonic, stalkerish way ^^.

Me, Stallion, and Mega-N watched Malibu's Most Wanted yesterday (me and Stallion saw it before, but Megan is and invalid currently and needs entertainment). Afterwards, Mega-N did my makeup ^^. What? Of course I looked awesome! It looked like I was crying soot after she was done, but we all agreed I looked very gothiky ^^.

Stallion and Dav both told me I needed to read it, so I went out and bought it. What is it? Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of course. I've been sucked in, this book is crazy ^^. I've fallen in love with the series, and I know have a new fandom. Like I needed another one o.O. Oh well, I'm done with the first two books, and working on the third. Read it if you haven't (to random passer-byers). If it can keep my attention, its gotta be an excellent book ^^;.

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