M (snowym) wrote,

I was on a walk last night, as per usual. There was something different though. Something malignant... macabre even.

Yes, that dog is in an electric chair.

Somehow, I don't think a magnifying glass is a proper tool for killing. And I'm going to assume the lion used a chainsaw beforehand, to acquire the bulldog heads he is now torturing.

Somehow, this makes me sad. I'm not sure why. Could it possibly be that a plushie is strapped to a ROASTING SPIT? Nah... that couldn't be it.

This one actually amused me muchly ^^. The plastic army men are a nifty touch.

I did some snooping as to WHY, and we're playing a football team this weekend with the bulldog as their mascot. I still don't think assassinating plushies is justified, though. Those poor puppies ^^;.

But hey, at least they did a good job tying up the puppy. I was impressed.

We don't half-ass it here at MSSU folks. If we're gonna kill plushies, we don't skimp on creativity and realism. I'm just surprised they didn't use real dogs. *fears for mankind more and more everyday*

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