M (snowym) wrote,

Tagged by zukkii, and since I know you all are SO interested in me, I'll humor you all. Cause you love me. Lots. I know you guys do, no need to be bashfull. Or something.

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged it's your turn.

Start time: 7:33pm

1. I like unicorns.
2. Almost everyone in the entire world knows this, as I've written notes, told random people, left messages on answering machines, and probably sent smoke signals that declares this fact. And if you didn't know that I did, here's a fact for you. I like unicorns.
3. My favorite colors are red and black.
4. My mother once thought I was a Satan worshipper, partly because of #3. RED & BLACK = BLOOD & DEATH!
5. My brother is just as wierd as I am.
6. He also looks like me, which scares my friends. "NOOOO, THERE ARE TWO EMILY'S, RUUUN!"
7. I drew my first picture when I was about two years old. It's of my father conducting the band.
8. I wear shoe size 12.
9. Its really hard for me to find shoes most of the time.
10. I only own one sweater, and it has about a pound of sequins and rhinestones sewn onto it.
11. I dye my hair too much, and it feels like plastic right now.
12. I haven't been to the doctor in about 5 years.
13. I'm deathly afraid of doctors of all types.
14. I'd rather have friends than a significant other.
15. If I ever did acquire a significant other, I would rather have a partnership than a marriage.
16. I would lick a table for five dollars. Any table.
17. I spent most of my senior year of highschool sleeping in the hall on the ground outside of the bandroom.
18. When I open both of my eyes, I almost always open my left eyelid first.
19. I love kittens and cats, but I am allergic to them. Er... their hair at least.
20. Someday I want to own a hairless cat. And buy it a fur coat.

End Time: 7:47pm. Ahhh, I know I'm slow o.O;. I was talking to other people while doing this, it isn't my faaault ^^;.

Whoever wants to can and MUST! I shall not tag anyone, because I think most people on my list have already been tagged ^^;.

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