M (snowym) wrote,

Here is a picture of Koshuu and I. We are both overstaying our welcome on Noa's bed. I like this picture, and it makes me smile, so I posted it here so I can randomly see it at times ^^. If anyone doesn't know, I am the one making vague handmotions that no one understands.

Me and Noa went to a really bad play tonight. Like, REALLY bad. As in: terrible, horrible, scary, and REALLY BAD. It was called Faena, and our drama department really sucks from what I can tell ^^;. Oh well. There was this bull in the play, but I could tell it wasn't a bull, cause I'm good like that. Actually, I could tell because it was a guy dressed in black waving around a cardboard bull head, and "stabbing" people with a stick wrapped in a hawaiian lei. Noa about slid out of her chair laughing the first time she saw the bull guy ^^. I was slumped over in mine, half dazed from fever, but I'm sure I would have done so also under normal circumstances.
Tags: watashi
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