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Soy Sauce - Kabaji x Yanagisawa [PG]

Title: Soy Sauce
Author: M snowym
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Kabaji x Yanagisawa
Rating: PG
Warnings: Forceful hugging, forehead licking
Word Count: 358
Note: Written for chibimono, because she requested an Kabaji x Yanagisawa 'soy sauce' story. Sorry it took so long to post, Chibi ^^;. Thanks for making me BELIEVE in these boys' love ^^.

Atobe had called, needing a long list of items. Kabaji was only too happy to comply, but apparently pleasing his buchou was to come at a price this time. A high price.

Somehow, he’d gotten stuck walking with this guy.

“So then the ball went out, it was awesome da ne! Of course, that was against your team, so you wouldn’t like that.”

The list held in his hand was promptly crumpled beyond recognition. They had scored one point at the street courts. Its not like they didn’t get completely flattened from then onward, but apparently he didn’t realize how stupid it was of him to gloat like a... like an idiot?

“Your captain looked pretty pissed, did you see his face da ne?”

Like a... moron?

“Your face didn’t really change, but I’m sure you were frightened of our power da ne!”

No... like a duck.

“You sure don’t talk much, da ne. Where are you heading to anyway?”

Kabaji liked duck.


Suddenly, the shorter teen was drawn towards Kabaji. With a decent amount of startled flailing, and shouts of “What are you doing, da ne?!” and “Stop that, da ne!”, Yanagisawa was pressed close to the other boy. Perhaps someone would have come to his rescue, if all passerby weren’t giving the obscenely strong teen a large amount of buffer-space on the sidewalk.

“Could you let go of me, da--” and then Yanagisawa was unconscious, because Kabaji’s arms were still around him, but now his lips were on his forehead, lightly sucking... and had his toungue just flicked out? A mental ‘oh god, what the hell?’ occurred, and Kabaji was left holding up the dead weight of Yanagisawa Shinya.

Even though the list Atobe had given him was unreadable from the earlier abuse it had gone through in his tightened palm, he decided he still decided to drop by the market. Within a few minutes, Kabaji had entered and left the building, all the while with Yanagisawa slung over his shoulder. In his free hand, he carried a bag containing one small bottle.

Duck was better with soy sauce, after all.

By the way, if anyone still wants to request something, just do so HERE. Just keep in mind, it may be awhile before you see your request finished ^^;. But I shall indeed do my best!
Tags: fanfiction, kabaji x yanagisawa, prince of tennis, rated pg
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