M (snowym) wrote,

I found out that my grandmother (my mom's mom) is being put in a nursing home soon. She can't remember much at all anymore, and would probably be a danger to herself if she continued living alone. I feel sorry for my mom, she's been crying about it a lot lately. Even though my grandmother has accused me of Satan worshipping on a few occassions, I still hate that she's like this. She cared a lot for me, as I was one of the only grandchildren who paid her any mind. I don't really need to be upset about this though, as she doesn't have any memory of me anymore. Next time I go home, I'll do something nice for my mom. This sucks really bad for her, I could (but won't) imagine her mind deterioating before my own eyes.

Still have two more classes and a paper to finish up, so I can ponder on depressing things later.
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