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After the MB theme song, we'll be playing Copa Cabana, so stay tuned all you kooky listeners!

I just finished Marie's story "White Rabbit." It was insanely good, but I'd expect no less from her ^^. I twill pimp it riiiiiight abooooouuuut... NOW! It scared me at first, but it gets a lot less horror-ish later on into it. If I can read it and not cry, then anyone could. Random passerbyers, I plead this of you ^^.

I'm so tired of being tired -.-. I can't make myself sleep until an obscene time in the morning, and I wake up much too early for my liking. I do hope this wierd time system I've got will work itself out during college. If it doesn't, my classes will suck, since I'll be flunking them as I sleep through them o.O;. NO! That will not be. Hopefully I'll work something out that doesn't involve doctors or parental rants.

I was very freaked out today. As I stepped out of the office where I work at, I was humming the Mario Bros. theme song, and then a minivan drove by blaring it on their speakers as they drove past me, AND their song was almost in the exact same place in the song as I was. I know I did not see this van previously. And who has a CD with that on it anyway? Oh wait... Ok, I do, but I don't go around town with my speakers turned to the 11 setting as I play it. Wha, the fact is, someone has a radiostation that plays all the songs that I have stuck in my head at the current time. I must find out what the station number is. I have a creeping feeling that it may be 122.1. That would be fun ^^.

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