M (snowym) wrote,

Happy birthday to M! Happy birthday to M! Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to M!

Yes, my birthday was over a month ago, but I wanted to list the gifts I got, as to not forget and/or lose track of them ^^;. Wha? Someone acts offended that I don't remember what they got me? *runs to a computer, looks at this LJ post, and runs back* Yes, so sly, they'll never suspect ^^.

  • Drawing of Kamio from Helen (disutansu). One of the loveliest artpad drawings in the universe, if I do say so myself (which I do). Helen is teh awesome at using artpad, and that's saying something magnificent ^^. *<3's out to Helen*
  • Message from Chibi (chibimono). I am honored by the sheer rainbow'y marquee'ness of it all ^^. *snuggles Chibi-senpai muchly*
  • Watercolor from Noa, which currently resides scotch-taped to my wall. She said she based it off the covers of my Erebus doujinshis ^^.
  • Unicorn Lamp from Stallion. I don't have a camera to take a picture of it, but I have made an interpretation of it. Because it eats my brain, and I can do nothing but worship it. Sankyu Stallion ^^!
  • Zoo Porn from Kishu (kishmet). There can never be enough Zoo Porn, one of the coolest genres EHVAR ^^. I grovel once again at your feet for writing more of this addiction of mine! *grovelgrovel*

W~ah, I feel loved all over again ^^. *skips away*
Tags: happy birthday

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