M (snowym) wrote,

  • Got to see drunk!John once again. He came by my dorm room at 12:30am, offering a doughnut of unknown origins. While that was mildly amusing, he really needs to not drink, because he acts like a complete ass when he does. While he claimed to not be drunk, I think I can indeed infer that he was. Unless he was high. Either option was plausible -.-;.
  • I sat behind the mayor of Bethlehem at the last Mexican folklore dance group thing I went to. Worth noting, for my own amusement ^^.
  • Oh god, I aced my last Japanese test! That pleases me so much, I haven't gotten an A on a test in there all semester ^.^V.
  • Starting to definitely feel stressed @_@. I have a huge biology test coming up tomorrow (sanks for helping me study Kishu, you are teh biology genius ^_^!), a 15 minute presentation about elegies due Monday, an 8-page research paper due within a few weeks, a history paper due next week, and a lot of other things that are as yet unforeseen (including finals, poetry, and more papers, I'm sure). And I had troubles getting everything submitted for Gakushuin Women's College, so I don't know if I'll be going there next semester or not. I'll probably know in a few days. Writing this all out makes me panic a bit more, but I'm sure I'll get it all done. Its just the quality of work I'm worried about ^^;. Oh well, I shall work hard and do my best!
  • Halloween was fun, though ^^. We went trick-or-treating, and I got all glitzed up. Yay for half-assed gothic costumes ^^;. I didn't have any other costume though, but since this year was so fun, I'll probably try harder next year. We hit up a doctor's neighborhood, so the candy we got was ridiculous ^_^.
  • I really, really wanna pet a kitten right now to calm me down, but there are none in the vicinity. Plus, I'm allergic to cat hair, so that wouldn't end pleasantly anyway. So instead, I think I shall pull my hair out and eat some candy.

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