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Meet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cops with an attraction for action, and for each other!

Waaaaiiiii!!! I'm scarred for life... AGAIN. But this time, it was a truly scary incident -.-. I was at a gas station, minding my own business while paying for my hot chocolate, and the cashier looks at me and says "Wow, you'll do anything, won't you? You're in that sex game, right?" I kid you not. "Umm... NO," I replied with the grace and tact of a 18 year old girl who just got asked for sexual favors by a 70 year old woman. Which I nearly had, in Stallion's opinion. I do believe our encounter amused my friends immensely o.O (BAD Noa and Stallion). Then, the lady went on, explaining some game that teenagers are playing at raves and parties. This game includes girls wearing rainbow jelly bracelets, and guys tear them off, and then girls do a sexual favor for the guy (each color bracelet means a different thing). I had NEVER heard of this in my entire life o.O. This is a HORRIBLE game! Oh well, I suppose everyone playing is taking too much x and pot to care o.O. I reassured the cashier that I would never be participating in such a game, and left, while Noa and Stallion laughed at me when I told them about it. Oh well, I suppose its a story to tell the grandchildren... or not o.O;.

I may or may not be doling out some cash for the FAKE manga. I was at Barnes and Nobles checking out the manga, and they had it. I promptly sat down and began reading. Its so very my type of manga ^^. Come on, the back of the books say, "Meet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cops with an attraction for action, and for each other!" That definitely sounds like a scary thing I'd enjoy immensely ^^. Shounen ai is adorable, so cute^^. I've been reading reviews today about it, so I'll probably buy it if I can find it semi-cheap. $70 is a little steep for me at the moment o.O.

I feel so very abused. Things were poked, prodded, and stabbed at, and then I was left there, used and bleeding. YES, I had another traumatic trip to the dentist today. I hate doctors, and I swear dentists are in league with them to assassinate me. I do consider dentists to be a lesser evil in the health world though, so I do go to see them every once in awhile. Its still very, extremely unpleasant though. Oh well. At least they don't pester me about playing scary raver sex games there. That's definitely a plus on my list o.O;.

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