M (snowym) wrote,

Random drabble that makes no sense and shouldn't be read. Probably rated R if not NC17, because of keyboard-drawn pictures.

One day, Kaidoh was walkin' down the street.

Actually, down the sidewalk, because it would be dangerous on the street, cause there are cars and camels and stuff.

Anyway, so finally, Kaidoh sees his favorite store.

The pet shop!

But... its across the street.

Its dangerous, but he decides to chance it anyway, cause you know... kittens.

Well, anyway, Kaidoh steps up to the curb.

So he looks to his left.


Then he looks to his right.


And then Inui jumps out of a bush and tackles him onto the hood of a speeding BMW that just went past, and they smut.

(_._) <=======3


The moral of the story: never smut on the hood of a BMW, because it costs more than a 13 year old could ever possibly pay back with his 50-cent-a-week allowance to get all the dents out.

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