M (snowym) wrote,

Urm, my brain is total mush right now ^^;. Its currently 5:07am, and I just got back from seeing Harry Potter. IT WAS BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT I TELL YOU ^_^! Just... ignore the deviations from the book, and enjoy the pretty sparkliness of it all ^^. And zomg, so much fanservice, I swear. Fanservice in the way only fangirls/boys can see it, mwhahaha... My HarryxRon quota is filled for the century. I won't say anything about the movie, except that I enjoyed it a lot, and had fun inferring yaoi'ness from it >3. Noa glared at me more than once, for making comments ^^.

Nooow, I think I'm gonna take a 2 hour nap before classes, even though it'll make me feel even more dead. Because I'm stupid, and I really wanna close my eyes. Movies fry my retinas, and they need a rest. Soooo, oyasuminasai!

Edit: Yay for naps ^^. *hops off to class in a glassy-eyed fog*
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