M (snowym) wrote,

Enough cartoons to make your brain bleed

Well, I was going to post a fanfic before I get kicked out of the dorm before Thanksgiving break, but I haven't the time to edit it, sooooo... I shall post random (mostly) InuKai cartoons that I'm pretty sure I haven't put on my LJ before ^^;.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE ^_^! Kill and eat a dead turkey carcass, because that's what this holiday is all about. *nodnod*

Drawn for disutansu, because blade weaponry were the words that could all her paper's wounds.

Drawn for chibimono, because I'm hoping I can somehow persuade her to finish teh short!shorts fic someday ^^. Until then, we can all expect happy ZoLu epic goodness >3.

Drawn for disutansu because... because... I can't remember o.O;. It was something about cargo pants ^_^.

I either drew this just because, or I drew it for chibimono >.>;... *doesn't remember* Chibi was online when I was drawing it anyway, so I'll say I drew it for her anyway ^^.

Drawn because I was, and still am, in a GothicLolita!InuKai mood.

Another random drawing drawn for no reason ^^;;;.

Fujii Mitori (Erebus doujinshi circle) is a psycho-genius for creating KittyBoy!Kaidoh, and for awhile, I could not stop drawing Kaidoh that way ^_^.

Drawn for joshua_glass, because she was writing a petting zoo fanfic ^_^. Spank that sheep, Kaidoh!

Drawn for disutansu, because she was writing a yukata fanfic @_@. Teh yum ^^.

The lone Harry Potter chibi drawn for disutansu, because I felt like cheering her on as she drew her own Harry Potter chibis. I look for just about any excuse to draw random chibis >.>;.
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